The Mozart Effect II (Don Campbell)

The Mozart Effect Don Campbell
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The Mozart Effect II (Don Campbell) (No Music Yet)

Heel je lichaam. Muziek voor rust en ontspanning. Drawing on his work with pioneers in the field, a wide range of medical and psychological research, and nearly 20 years experience training thousands of educators, health professionals and individuals, Don Campbell has selected, sequenced, and edited world-class performances of Mozart's most powerful compositions.

Tracklist Mozart Effect 2:
01. Andante aus dem Klavierkonzert #21 in C-Dur, K. 467 6:46
02. Andante con Moto für Streichquartett # 16 in Eb Major, K. 428 9:06
03. Adantino aus dem Konzert für Flöte und Harfe in C-Dur, K. 299 7:33
04. Adagio aus dem Flötenquartett in D-Dur, K. 285 2:54
05. Andante Sostenuto aus der Violinsonate in C Andante Sostenuto from the Violin Sonata in C-Dur, K. 296 5:43
06. Romanze aus dem Klavierkonzert #20 in D-Moll K. 466 9:04
07. Larghetto aus dem Klarinettenquintett in ALarghetto from the Clarinet Quintet in A-Dur, K 581 6:00
08. Concertante-Andante Grazioso aus der "Posthorn" Serenade #9 in D-Dur 8:36
09. Andante in C für Flöte, K. 315 6:0110. Adagio aus dem Divertimento in D-Dur, K. 205 4:08
11. Sonata #1 für Orgel und Orchester in E-Dur, K. 67 2:24