Trine Opsahl Add Colours to My Sunset Sky

Trine Opsahl
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Trine Opsahl Add Colours to My Sunset Sky

Trine Opsahl Add Colours to My Sunset Sky

Add Coulurs to My Sunset Sky bevat 13 orginele tijdloze Celtische Harp composities van de Deense harpiste Trine Opsahl. Een rustige, kalmerende en meditatieve harp-cd.

Tracklist Trine Opsahl Add Colours to My Sunset Sky:

01 Songs For A Mountain I 00:05:41

02 Sunshine On A Stony Path 00:06:48

03 Rosebed garden 00:05:15

04 In A Grain Of Sand 00:04:57

05 Eternity In A Song 00:06:20

06 Lightly Dance Into The Morning 00:03:13

07 Songs From A Mountain II 00:03:50

08 Rose Of The Eternal Spring 00:06:05

09 Add Colours To My Sunset Sky 00:03:19

10 Diving Into An Ocean Of Love 00:04:37

11 Today Will Be Forever 00:04:02

12 Leaving On A Thursday Morning 00:02:30

13 Graceful Like A River 00:07:57
Total Time 01:04:03

This album by Danish harpist Trine Opsahl contains 13 original, timeless compositions for Celtic harp, monochord and vocals. The music is tranquil, meditative and soothing. Trine Opsahl: “While playing the Celtic harp, I travel through a place of immense beauty and silence. I invite you to come along on this blissful journey.” Like on her former albums Trine works consciously with the art of breathing while creating her sound, which reflects the organic and peaceful intonation of the music. The celestial sound of her Celtic harp bestows a sense of calm and serenity upon the body, mind and spirit of the listener. The introduction of vocals on this album is the manifestation of a natural development in the art of breathing that is so central in her work. Trine actively promotes the idea of harp therapy in palliative care and music therapy within Denmark’s health care system, while playing to patients in hospitals and hospices. All tracks on this album are composed, arranged and performed by Trine Opsahl.