Ty Burhoe Peace - Music for Life

Ty Burhoe
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Ty Burhoe Peace - Music for Life

Tracklist Ty Burhoe Peace - Music for Life:

01 Raga Bageshri Kanara - Alap

02 Raga Bageshri Kanara - Tintal (16 beats)

03 Raga Piloo - Rupaktal (7 beats)

Bageshri Kanara combines ragas Bageshri and (Darbari) Kanara in a very old traditional evening raga with rasas of peace, compassion, and love. Piloo is a raga (melodic mode) of Indian classical music. It is mostly used in many light-classical forms both vocally and instrumentally has as it’s primary ras, shanti or feelings of peace. It is often performed in the late afternoon before sunset.