Ty Burhoe Sleeping Swan - Guitar Lullabies

Ty Burhoe
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Ty Burhoe Sleeping Swan - Guitar Lullabies

Ty Burhoe Sleeping Swan - Guitar Lullabies

Dit Sleeping Swan bevat Ty Burhoes gitaar liedjes die hij speciaal voor de kleintjes in zijn famillie componeerde.

Tracklist Ty Burhoe Sleeping Swan - Guitar Lullabies:

01 Sleeping Swan 00:03:30

02 Spirit Ship 00:04:54

03 Hana Wa Saku 00:06:46

04 Healing Shores 00:05:02

05 The Years Between 00:03:54

06 Parallel Souls 00:04:46

07 Oto 00:05:49

08 GoEn 00:04:13

09 Tei's Hidden Castle 00:04:02

10 Sleeping Swan (Revisited) 00:03:32

Total Time 46:28

This album features Ty Burhoe’s guitar lullabies written over the years for his family as well as for the heart of each one of us. Every song is a soundtrack to either a bedtime story told by Ty to his children or about the many worlds in which we exist. This is Ty’s debut guitar album and he has chosen some of the finest musicians from very diverse genres to join him. From the world of Jazz, the rich music of Art Lande on the piano. From Classical Indian music, the brilliant sarangi playing of Sabir Khan. From Japan, the Soul stirring shakuhachi playing of Akihisa Kominato. From Western Classical music the lush and heart felt violin playing of Sandra Wong. And finally, Ty’s son, Shaun Burhoe joining the album on the mandolin. A perfect blend - music for rest, healing, hope and imagination.