Crytals Llewellyn

MBS 905
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Crytals Llewellyn

Met liefde en intuïtie is deze opname gemaakt, schrijven de Engelse therapeut Ann Clinton en muzikant Llewellyn in het CD-boekje. Kristallen en mineralen hebben hun eigen magnetisch veld. Met deze natuurlijke energieën kan ons eigen fysieke lichaam geheeld worden.

Tekst op de Cover: Crystal Healing is a powerful and effective way to remove blockages and distortions from the human field. It is widely accepted that illness is created in the electromagnetic field around the body and from there in manifests in the physical body only when it is triggered by one factor or another. Crystal Awareness is a wonderful tool of transformation that allows us to tap into our inner resources in addition to stimulating our bodies self healing abilities. This album will encourage you to develop your hidden talents, bringing to the surface forgotten wisdom's enabling you to shine forth as a beacon of light.

Tracklist Crytals Llewellyn:
01 Ruby in Zoisite
02 Carnelian
03 Calcite
04 Aventurine
05 Blue Lace Agate
06 Lapis Lazuli
07 Amethyst
08 Rose Quartz
09 Clear Quartz

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