The Mozart Effect For Childeren 1 (Don Campbell)

The Mozart Effect Don Campbell
FMFCD 1195
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The Mozart Effect For Childeren 1 Don CaThe Mozart Effect For Childeren 1 (Don Campbell)

Tune Up Your Mind. Don Campbell, has selected some of the best of Mozart's music to stimulate and inspire young minds. Based on educational and psychological studies and up-to-date research in learning and creativity. This album is called 'Tune Up Your Mind'.

Tracklist The Mozart Effect For Children 1 Don Campbell:
1. Rondo from 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' K525 3:36
2. Allegro moderato Violin Concerto 2 in D Major K211 9:14
3. Variations Sinfonia in E flag Major K297b 8:57
4. Andante Symphony No 17 in G Major K129 4:06
5. Andantino Symphony No 24 in B flat Major K182 2:51
6. Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star K265 5:59
7. Allegro aperto, Violin Concerto 5 in A Major K219 10:34
8. Andante Symphony No 15 in G Major K 124 4:41

Baby Muziek - The Mozart Effect