Northstar Music Still Time

Northstar Music Still Time
Northstar Music Still Time
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Still Time NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Still Time

Still Time is a wonderful collection of new classical tunes inspired by the most popular and recognisable classical composers of all times such as Albinoni, Ravel, Mahler, Barber, Rodrigo, Canteloube and Vaughan Williams to name but a few.

The evocative melodies are pure classical delights and you are sure to enjoy these seemless perfect pieces of exquisite music, at times graceful yet forceful, powerful yet peaceful, melancholic yet romantic.

This album is a spiritual odyssey through emotion, mood and thought. Just close your eyes and allow your mind to drift away with the soothing sounds of piano, classical guitar, violin, harp and strings.

CD Track List
Adagio Solemne (9:53)
Halcyon Summer (10:06)
Love Song (7:57)
Lacrimae (7:26)
Excelsis Gloria (6:56)
Granada (7:41)
Trinity (7:31)
Elegy (9:30)

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