Northstar Music Pause and Relax

Northstar Music Pause and Relax
Northstar Music Pause and Relax
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Pause & Relax NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Pause and Relax

The Ambiente music series has been designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the wellness factor of music and alternative therapies. Ambiente is about vitality, positive living and thinking, and acquiring a sense of true wellbeing. The musical moods created are of atmospheric naturalism, the harmonious compositions, at times reflective and meditative, but always inspiring and relaxing will gently help you to truly unwind and allow the inner healing process to begin. Pause & Relax is a compilation of one track from each of the Ambiente releases. So slow down, relax, listen and let relaxation come quietly…

Tracklist Northstar Music Pause and Relax:
1 Homage to Himalaya (I'nia) 02:58
2 Elements (Oliver Wright) 02:53
3 Ocean Horizons (Helen Rhodes) 02:42
4 Halcyon Summer (Katie Hope) 02:53
5 Healing Hands (Mike Vickerage) 03:01
6 Expand (Katie Hope) 02:12
7 Three Day Weekend (Brendan O'Neil) 02:41
8 Enlighten (Oliver Wright) 02:32
9 Synergy (Dan Oliver) 02:43
10 Sun God (Katie Hope) 02:54
11 Fire Dragon (Oliver Chung) 02:48
12 Del Mare (Jonn Savannah) 02:23
13 Pearls (Katie Hope) 02:25
14 Fantasy Impromptu (Oliver Wright) 02:38
15 By Candle Light (John Hartley) 02:53
16 Angel Dust (Jonn Savannah) 02:36
17 Dance of the Guru (Jonn Savannah) 02:35
18 The Serpent of Insight (Chris Glassfield) 02:53
19 Essential Touch (Dan Oliver) 02:53
20 Dream Dragon (Colin Willsher) 03:00
21 Sunset Bay (Mark Allaway, Mike Eaves) 02:48
22 Catnap (Helen Rhodes) 02:25
23 Hypnos (Helen Rhodes) 03:19
24 On the Shores of Forever (Katie Hope) 02:46
25 Devas & Dolphins (Helen Rhodes) 02:40
26 Embracing the Wind (Emily Shreve) 02:42