Aethera The Gaelic Mystery

Aethera The Gaelic Mystery
Aethera The Gaelic Mystery
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Aethera The Gaelic Mystery (No music Yet)

Mystical, celtic, gaelic describe the qualities of this outstanding album by Aethera. The music expresses the magic of the gaelic mysteries. Wonderful melodies and compositions that will get you goose pimples. With MPEG video of “Dungannon Dew”. NEW EDITION WITH BONUSTRACK!

Tracklist Aethera The Gaelic Mystery:

01Into blue 00:03:34
02The Mountain Side 00:03:52
03Dungannon Dew 00:02:56
04The Green Side 00:04:24
05Mournful Morning 00:04:02
06Dun Laoghaire 00:03:32
07Anthem to the blind Harper 00:02:52
08Galway Bay 00:02:20
09Glenshee the Vale 00:04:00
10Wait Awhile 00:03:44
11The Beggars Gown 00:03:48
12At Dornoch Firth 00:03:54
13Armagh Sea 00:03:32
14Ode to Inverness (Bonus) 00:03:58
Total Time 00:50:28

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