Ancient Italian Tarot Lo Scarabeo

Ancient Italian Tarot Lo Scarabeo
Ancient Italian Tarot Lo Scarabeo
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  • Merk: Lo Scarabeo Tarot
  • Artikelnummer: 9788883950568
  • EAN: 9788883950568
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Ancient Italian Tarot Lo Scarabeo

This deck marks the coming of age of Tarot in Italy.

Italy has stood out over the centuries for beautiful Tarot decks directly derived from the first models of the fifteenth-century. Artistic talent and Italian imagination are concentrated in this deck, whose sophistication and symbolic synthesis still amaze, making it an excellent tool for diviningDivination using tools such as Tarot Cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives and brings to the surface information that is hidden or not immediately obvious to us.This deck contains 78 cards and instruction booklet.

  • ISBN: 9788883950568
  • Auteur(s): Lo Scarabeo
  • Afmetingen: 123x70x30 mm
  • Gewicht: 310 gram
  • Taal: Engels,Duits,Frans,Spaans,Italiaans
  • Uitgeverij: Lo Scarabeo
  • Inhoud: 78 kaarten met handleiding

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