Anders Holte My World

Anders Holte My World
Anders Holte My World
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Anders Holte My World

Ander Holte zong op zijn vorige cds in geluidsklanken ook wel sound language genoemd. Op My World zingt hij ook liedjes in teksten...

‘On my previous CDs 'Lemurian Home Coming', 'Atlantis Remembers' and 'Dream Of The Blue Whale' I sing in sound language... an ancient language without words. 'My World' is my first album which also contains songs with actual lyrics.

Who are we really? Where do we come from? Are we merely human walking this Earth ... or are we more? These questions of an awakening consciousness and more are reflected in the lyrical songs of this album.

The songs in sound language, the ‘Language of Light’.. are my prayer. In a timeless state of being they allow me to share a precious space with those who listen. A space of light and laughter.. of gratitude and love. This space is my sanctuary. It is the place where all my music is created.’ - Anders Holte

Note: ‘My World’ is another collaboration between Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu with whom he also created the CD ‘Dream Of The Blue Whale’.

Tracklist Anders Holte My World:

01 Can You Imagine 00:08:47

02 Walking Through Lifetimes 00:11:11

03 My Sekhmet 00:14:14

04 I Never Knew 00:05:55

05 Where I'm Coming From 00:08:36

06 Perfect Replications 00:05:30

07 I Am Returning (Remix) 00:04:35

Total Time 00:58:48

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