Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage

Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage
Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage
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Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage
Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage

De rustige composities op Astral Voyage nemen je mee op een denkbeeldige wandeling tussen de sterren. Sluit je ogen en luister naar de etherische pianoklanken van Andrea Fidesser.

Tracklist Andrea Fidesser Astral Voyage:

01 Infinite Universe 00:05:18

02 New Aurora 00:05:29

03 An Eurasian Sunny Day 00:04:42

04 Vega's Light 00:05:08

05 Rudderless Heart 00:06:23

06 In The Nebula 00:06:29

07 Genesis 00:09:04

08 Almost Missing 00:07:30

09 Izar and Arcturus 00:05:44

10 Shining Leo 00:06:06

Total Time 01:01:53

Astral Voyage - a journey towards the recovery of cleansed emotions. The compositions of this album are an imaginary walk among the stars, with sensations and feelings thrown into the cosmos with the desire to describe deeply intimate emotions on a solitary and thoughtful route. Listening with eyes closed, the timbres support a success of a subjective projection in this ethereal dimension. The piano, the author´s compositional instrument, here is wisely and skillfully played into functional interventions of expressiveness and dialogue between the instruments.

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