Buddha Bar presents A Trip to Marrakesh 2CD

Buddha Bar presents A Trip to Marrakesh 2CD
Buddha Bar presents A Trip to Marrakesh 2CD
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Buddha Bar presents A Trip to Marrakesh 2CD

Especially created for the occasion (17 brand new tracks), this new gem, released by the small Parisian record company, is the new opus of a music collection completely dedicated to travel and escape: Buddha-Bar Travel.

With this new release, Buddha-Bar opens the doors of its story and culture and offers a walk through Marrakech and its landscapes, colorful souk, customs, music and its Buddha-Bar outlet that was opened by the end of 2015.

Throughout this initiatory journey, enjoy lots of emotions and energies. Let yourself get carried away by the enchanting melodies of the oud, bendir and other ney.

For an even more immersive and personalized listening experience, this double CD album also offers an unmixed version that will appeal to the most initiated "Buddha-Bar lovers".

Tracklist Buddha Bar presents A Trip to Marrakesh 2CD:

01CD1: Zorkhanession (Mr. Claude) 00:02:43
02CD1: Arabinematic (Bruce Leers) 00:03:44
03CD1: Farhat (Olivier F.) 00:03:57
04CD1: Un Homme Libre (Professor Oz) 00:04:37
05CD1: Chayef (Miss Clo) 00:04:48
06CD1: El Hub (Ozine) 00:03:41
07CD1: Youhou (Gael B) 00:04:48
08CD1: Feru (Oz) 00:03:54
09CD1: Al Musika (Deepstar) 00:05:00
10CD1: Ma ahsna el layla (Aljay) 00:03:32
11CD1: Dahaba azaman (Amina) 00:04:35
12CD1: La sympathique (Z Planet) 00:03:35
13CD1: El sahra (Jess K) 00:03:28
14CD1: Mchit (Miste BNSS) 00:04:02
15CD1: Middle East (Hoodlum Travellers) 00:04:41
16CD1: Fathetou cebil (Fa Ze Man) 00:04:14
17CD1: Oriental Spirit 00:04:05
18CD2 (unmixed version): Zorkhanession (Mr. Claude) 00:04:41
19CD2 (unmixed version): Arabinematic (Bruce Leers) 00:02:43
20CD2 (unmixed version): Farhat (Olivier F.) 00:03:44
21CD2 (unmixed version): Un Homme Libre (Professor Oz) 00:03:57
22CD2 (unmixed version): Chayef (Miss Clo) 00:04:37
23CD2 (unmixed version): El Hub (Ozine) 00:04:48
24CD2 (unmixed version): Youhou (Gael B) 00:03:41
25CD2 (unmixed version): Feru (Oz) 00:04:48
26CD2 (unmixed version): Al Musika (Deepstar) 00:05:00
27CD2 (unmixed version): Ma ahsna el layla (Aljay) 00:03:32
28CD2 (unmixed version): Dahaba azaman (Amina) 00:04:35
29CD2 (unmixed version): La sympathique (Z Planet) 00:03:35
30CD2 (unmixed version): El sahra (Jess K) 00:03:28
31CD2 (unmixed version): Mchit (Miste BNSS) 00:04:02
32CD2 (unmixed version): Middle East (Hoodlum Travellers) 00:04:02
33CD2 (unmixed version): Fathetou cebil (Fa Ze Man) 00:04:14
34CD2 (unmixed version): Oriental Spirit 00:04:05
Total Time 2:18:56

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