Cafe Fuego Roger Espinoza

Cafe Fuego Roger Espinoza
Cafe Fuego Roger Espinoza
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Cafe Fuego Roger Espinoza

Everyone has been inspired by the fiery Latin American rhythms of bands such as the Gypsy Kings and everyone will adore the passion and beauty of Roger Espinoza's 'Cafe Fuego'. Accompanied by Scott Vomvolakis on percussion,Paul Tchounga on Drums and Bass by Mike Paganini, Roger plays Spanish guitar with enormous precision and vitality. You can imagine that as you sit in 'Cafe Fuego' listening to Roger play you can observe all of life's rich emotions played out in music around you.

Tracklist Cafe Fuego Roger Espinoza:

Day in Alhambra
Espimel's Journey
Goodbye (Pops)
Granada Tropical
Monte Verde
One Love
Sacred Mountain

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