The Mozart Effect For Childeren 4 (Don Campbell)

The Mozart Effect Don Campbell
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The Mozart Effect For Childeren 4 Don CaThe Mozart Effect For Childeren 4 (Don Campbell)

Mozart to Go. This collection of Mozart's music is specially selected for today's busy family by Don Campbell, musician, techer and author of The Mozart Effect and The Mozart Effect for Children. Featuring more than 45 minutes of best-loved music chosen to stimulate, engage, and inspire the whole family. While the music and activity suggestions have been programmed to enhance your travels - no matter how long or short your trip may be.

Tracklist The Mozart Effect For Childeren 4 Don Campbell:
1. Finale 1 from Don Giovanni K527 1:49
2. Rondo Allegro III from Piano Concerto No. 6 K238 6:43
3. Presto I from String Quartet G Major K156 3:07
4. Menuetto-Trio IV from the Serenade K185 3:17
5. Allegretto con Variation IV Clarinet Quintet K581 9:27
6. Rondo Allegro II from String Quartet F Major K370 4:04
7. Rondo Allegretto III Clarinet Quintet K374 4:28
8. Menuetto-Trio III from the Serenade K203 2:54
9. Menuetto V from the Divertimento B flat Major K287 4:09
10. Rondo à la Turk III from Piano Sonata A Major K331 3:21
11. Rondo Allegro Grazioso III String Quartet K159 2:40

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